Monday, December 29, 2014

A Wild Robot Adventure! Part 2

A Wild Robot Adventure! 

When we last saw Macie Jane she had just spotted something beside the railroad tracks after hearing a loud crash.

A Wild Robot Adventure- Part 2

Mark ran down to help Macie uncover what she had found.

They had found a robot! Where was this robot from and what was his story? 
Find out next time as A Wild Robot Adventure continues.
To be continued.........

Sunday, December 14, 2014

A wild robot adventure!

 One beautiful sunny day Macie Jane and her daddy Mark set out to have an adventure. They couldn't have pictured in their wildest dreams what was about to happen next........

A wild robot adventure!

All of a sudden there was a bright light
 and a crash!

Mark- We need to find out what that was!
Macie- I think that it was up near the tracks!
Macie spotted something shiny 
along the tracks.

There was something underneath
a pile of rubble.

To be continued........

Next time find out what crashed as the 
adventure continues.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

About The Wild Robot!

The Wild Robot was started a few years ago with an idea that we would one day like to have our very own retro style candy store. Currently we are about as small as a small business can get,but we aim to change that ASAP. 

In 2011 we were off to the races. We scraped together $1000 dollars to buy our very first wholesale order. Since then we have taken every single penny and reinvested it back into our business, buying inventory,shelving,computer equipment,internet fees and well, everything else that makes the robot run. So far we haven't paid ourselves a dime while all along hoping to become large enough to make this a long time, full time gig. Our first goal is to have enough money so that Kari can be our first full time employee, then we'll really be on a roll!

Who's Kari? Oh yeah, Let me introduce you to The Wild Robot family. I'm Mark and Kari is my wife. We are proud parents of an awesome little girl named Macie Jane aka(Super Mace,Speedy Jane or Jany). The last member of The Wild Robot Family is my high school friend Chad. Chad and I go way back and he has some great ideas! We all bring our own interesting and sometimes unusual personalities to the business, but together we are The Wild Robot!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and support us however you can! You will never know just how much we appreciate it!

Here is a quick look at who we are and some of our influences on the business now and future.
Mark loves
 Video Games(retro arcade),
(specifically every type of candy
 on earth…
almost!) Tin Signs,
comic books and collectibles.
Chad loves
 Music, Cool posters and art,
 Action figures in weird 
places and gummy bears 
(Don’t ask!)


Kari is a pop culture magnet who
 has a taste for great ice cream
and really provides that
much needed
woman intuition.
Macie is the best! She helps out
whenever she gets a chance and
she keeps everything in the
 perspective of  a thoughtful and
 care free awesome child!
She likes her candy almost
as much as her daddy Mark!